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    2. Corporate policy


      Corporate policy

      The company guidelines reflect an attitude which characterizes all corporate management activities. This also includes a corporate strategy committed to sustainable ethical principles?and a safe work environment for Bühler and Partners.


      Risk management

      Bühler reviews the risk geography of the Company on a regular basis. It has established an internal risk management process in order to manage, control, and contain identified risks. This process is under the responsibility of the Board of Directors.

      Ecological sustainaibility


      Energy consumption of our plant and equipment in operation at our customers’ sites accounts for a large share of the total burden on the environment. We have there- fore set ourselves the goal of reducing both the ecological footprint of our own sites and that of our customers along their value chains. It is our declared goal to be- come the leader in these capabilities and to set the standard for products that spare resources. This enables us to make a substantial contribution to creating sustain- able value chains. The reduction of the ecological footprint therefore goes hand in hand with new technologies for resource-saving production of healthy and nutritious foods, cost reductions, productivity gains, and reduction of food losses and waste.

      Our process technologies in die casting, dispersion and surface coating help improve sustainable mobility and the energy efficiency of buildings.

      More information on our sustainability commitments and our latest achievements can be found here.

      Social sustainability


      Motivated, carefully trained employees and dedicated management staff are key to our success, based on a corporate culture that fosters personal initiative and responsibility. Bühler is committed at all levels to the training and continued education of its employees. As a global organization, Bühler considers the cultural diversity of its employees to be one of its major strengths. This is reflected in its efforts to fill also management-level positions with local candidates whenever possible. All employees have equal rights, regardless of their origin, nationality, religion, or gender.

      Sustainability for us also means our preparedness to engage in partnerships. We are continuously expanding our innovation network by closely engaging ever more with academia, with our customers, and with suppliers. In collaboration with international organizations, we are committed to improving the living conditions and the education of people in all the markets we operate.

      More information on our sustainability commitments and our latest achievements can be found here.

      Protect valuable information

      Information Security

      Information, data, processes, information systems and networks are vital for Bühler’s business, our customers and our business partners. Protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information becomes even more important as more business processes are digitalized. Bühler runs an Information Security Management System (ISMS) which is certified according to ISO/IEC 27001:2013.

      You will find more information on how Bühler manages information security here.