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    2. Careers

      Join our global network of innovations and solutions


      Join our global network of innovations and solutions

      We are Bühler. We are a team of about 13,000 employees working to provide safe, sustainable and energy-efficient technologies for the food and advanced materials sectors. Our global network of innovations offers a variety of opportunities for different careers for everyone. We want you to make the difference.


      Our purpose

      Are you passionate about creating a more sustainable world? Do you want the chance to tackle challenges, be entrepreneurial and work for an international company?

      We are an innovative company working to improve the world with our solutions. Operating internationally, we are a family-owned business based in Switzerland. Bühler is an equal opportunity employer and we believe in and foster diversity and inclusion as a basis for our success. We are looking for people who are engaged, motivated and passionate for what we strive for. We offer you comprehensive learning and development opportunities, an environment where you can take ownership for your work and the opportunity to collaborate with a global network. So take the chance to innovate with us and make a change for billions of people worldwide.

      Work with us

      This is what you can experience

      Ready to start with us?

      Apprentices, interns, management trainees

      Develop your career with us

      Are you looking for an apprenticeship? Have you recently graduated and are you keen to take on the challenge of a professional career? Would you like to gain practical experience in an internship?

      Then develop your career with us and be our next generation.

      Inclusive Diversity at Bühler.

      Be part of it.

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      Experienced professionals

      Achieve your goals with us

      Are you motivated to take on a new challenge? Are you ready to assume responsibility and ambitious to grow your expertise and network?

      We offer you an exciting work environment with interesting challenges and training opportunities to support you with your long-term career goals and development.

      Bühler Learning Center

      Learn to grow

      Are you keen to continue discovering? Do you want to develop specific skills to further your career?

      Our Learning Center offers a wide range of courses from leadership and management to business know-how.


      This is what we offer

      An environment where you can thrive

      Family company

      Strong commitment to goals and employees


      Meaningful work creating an impact


      Work for a better future


      Long-term challenges, prospects and Learning & Development opportunities

      Lifecycle benefits

      A career tailored to individual needs

      Diversity and inclusion

      Equal opportunities for everyone

      Bühler in numbers

      Locations worldwide

      We are Bühler. Join us!

      Join our global team and become part of our network of innovations and solutions.